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Deuflex Leather Tree

The Deu-Flex tree has a rigid wooden fork, yet the bars and seat are of leather only, allowing for great flexibility, without loosing stability and the true Western Feel. The Leather tree has a great advantage, lasts a very long time and conforms nicely to your horses back, for maximum performance and comfort. The Deuflex tree is not adjustable like our Ultra-Flex Tree.

The Ultra-Flex Tree has a fully adjustable fork. This tree is a semi-flexible, high quality carbon fibre tree, that provides maximum stability along the spine, yet enough flexibility on the bars to allow your horse to bend. The most innovative system available, our Allen wrench system, which allows you to change the width of the fork as wide or narrow as needed.

Saddle Leather Options

When we build your saddle, we are committed to using only the best vegetable tanned leather we can get our hands on. We are offering a large variety of colors to choose from, leaving you with only one question: which one is your favorite? The appearance of your saddle is greatly influenced by a combination of Saddle Leather (Smooth Leather) and Seat Leather (Nappa- or Nubuck Leather).

Smooth Leather Colors:

Seat Leather Options

You can choose from 2 different types of leather when deciding on your seat leather. Nappa Leather is a soft leather, with a lightly structured surfuce. Nubuck Leather is of velvet like feel with a rough out structure on the surface, which helps tremendously with adherence. Special colors available upon request (Blue, Green, Yellow, Red, pattern, etc.)

Please note that the pictured leather colors are not necessarily true to tone, and serve only as a sample photo. With leather being a natural product, slight differences are possible as well as well small scarring. These are not production errors, but rather a sign of purity of leather.

Depending on your computer screen and resolution settings, colors may differ and guarantees are not given.


individualize your DP saddle, we offer a wide variety of border tooling to choose from. Design your saddle the way you've always wanted it to look!

Border tooling can be tooled onto:

- Skirt
- Fork
- Cantle
- Seatjockey
- Fender
- Backjockey (depending on the model)

Border Tooling Options


Availability depends on the Leather and saddle type you are interested in. We gladly assist you in this decision making process.

Available Basket Tooling Options:
Classic Basket
1/1-Complete Tooling

Basket Tooling Options

Silver Options

Rigging Options