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Flex Fit Vario 2207 "Youngster"

When starting a young horse, many people are faced with difficult questions, and one of the most common questions we hear is: Which saddle will work for my young horse?
While your horse is maturing, it's going through many stages of growth, muscular structure and sceletal structure will change until they have reached full maturity. This isn't only true for young horses, but also horses that frequently take breaks from training (as hobby horses often do), or are on winter break. Rest easy, and be clever. You don't have to compromise a good fit when starting your young horse, like so many do. Buy one saddle, and adjust it - as your horse is changing. If you calculate the cost of numerous used saddle purchases over the course of 10 years, the hassle of finding one that fits "somewhat" decently and keeps the cost low, chances are high, you're spending more than what you would if you had purchased our adjustable saddle in the first place. So why settle for less? Order it to your needs, choose your own colours and tooling and fender length, and make this your one-time purchase.

This innovative saddle has raised the standards for Western Saddle fitting options. It's built on our Flex-Fit tree, which provides maximum stability throughout the spine, yet allows the bars to move slightly with the movement of the horses back. Via Allen wrench the gullet width is fully adjustable, allowing you to set it as wide or narrow as needed, by a fraction of an inch or from very narrow to extra wide. The Bars of our trees automatically adjust to your horses back. Our Flex-Fit Vario Saddles come with Western Rigging in 7/8th position. They also have a well balanced seat to keep the rider's balance centered.

Saddle tree: Flex Fit Tree. Deuflex Leather tree also available. See COLOURS & OPTIONS LINK BUTTON at the bottom of this page for details. Upcharge applies.
Fork: fully adjustable gullet width via Allen wrench
Saddle Leather: Havanna Smooth Leather
Seat Leather: Black Nappa
Seat Sizes: 15", 15.5", 16" other sizes available *upcharge
Front Rigging: C-Ring In-skirt on 7/8th Position
Back Rigging: D-Ring. brass
Hardware: Brass, extra D-Rings in front
Tooling: Flower PM65 and Basket G16 Combo, Backjockey, Skirts and Cantle, Corner Tooling Seatjockey & Fender. See COLOURS & OPTIONS LINK BUTTON at the bottom of this page for details.
Finish: PM66 Flower Tooling, double lined, antique finish
Horn: Leather horn
Stirrups: wooden Visalia, 2.5", with Havanna leather foot-bed. Wood has been sealed.
Weight: 15 kg
Conchos: Leather Conchos with Latigo Strings
Skirt Length: 27"
Skirt Depth: 13"
Specialties: Cheyenne Roll, Bucking Rolls, Pre-twisted fenders (shown in short on photo)
RRP $5150 for saddle as shown. For pricing on this model with standard tooling and no buck rolls see model 2207.