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Double C Saddles


Barrel Saddles

Our barrel saddles are designed with style and quality in mind. They are utilized by the beginner to the advanced professional. They offer excellent fit and function with either a wood or flex tree. We have a variety of rigging options, including our most popular dropped rigging. In addition to proper fit, these saddles allow for an individual to express themselves through design with the use of our custom options.


Cutting Saddles

Double C Cutting saddles are used by team penning and cutting enthusiast from the practice pen to the highest level of competition. Choose from one of the popular designs or let us custom build one to your specifications.


Reining Saddles

The sport of reining requires a talented horse and rider combination. This team must have a saddle that enhances team performance. Double C offers reining saddles with that in mind. Beautiful hand tooled craftsmanship, close contact skirts, and an excellent tree design are the competitive components that will help keep you winning.


Trail Saddles

Any horse enthusiast will agree, there is almost nothing better than a long relaxing ride aboard your equine friend. During those times spent on the trail it is important for both horse and rider to be comfortable. A Double C Trail Saddle offers a classic style with quality fit and comfort for you and your horse.


Training Saddles

For those of you who have spent time teaching the young horse, you understand the need for these saddles. Our training saddles offer a design that will maximize your training time and abilities with your horses. From the round pen to the warm up arena, this saddles will look and feel great.

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Deuflex Leather Tree

We order all Double C Saddles with the Deuflex Leather Tree ~ So your horse has maximum freedom to move ~

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A Little History - Double C Saddlery specialises in the production of western and english style saddles. The western division was established in 1993 and has been successful in the development and exportation of western saddles on an international scale. Currently saddles are being distributed in the United States, Europe and Australia. The Production Plant is located in the Paraguay. Double C Saddlery is a secondary brand name for the western line and a sub company of Deuber & Partner, Germany, known as DP Saddlery in the US.

A good fitting saddle is a prize, and a blessing to the hardy men and women whose job description demands long hours riding. Each saddle is made with first class vegetable-tanned leather from our own cattle raised on the Ranch, this insures the finest quality hide for your saddle. All hides are treated and prepared for working in our onsite tannery. Once the hides have been prepared and dried they are then sent through the production area where they become saddles.

THE SADDLE TREE WARRANTY....Each saddle tree comes with a 5-year limited warranty to be free of original defects, in material and workmanship in normal use from the date of purchase in the Continental United States. This warranty is expressly limited to the repair or replacement of the saddle tree. Double C Saddlery shall not be responsible for any consequential damage or loss occasioned by the use of its products. This warranty is void if the saddle is used in a commercial or rental application. Please contact our Customer Service Center prior to any return or warranty service.


More Barrel Saddles... Prices start at $2850 inc GST

More Cutting Saddles... Prices start at $3090 inc GST

More Reining Saddles... Prices start at $3390 inc GST

More Trail Saddles... Prices start at $2990 inc GST

More Training Saddles... Prices start at $2850

Please contact us for prices on specific saddles with upgrades.

The gullet widths available:

01 Semi QH 6.25” Gullet

02 QH 6.75 ” Gullet

03 Full QH 7.25 ” Gullet

04 XF Extra Full 8.0” Gullet

Fenders Lengths available:

12” - Youth

15” - Intermediate

18” - Regular/Standard

20” - Cutter

Slimmer fenders: Add letters CP before length, example: CP 18”