Demo Saddle Program: How it works...

Can I try before I buy? Yes you can!! We realise that not everyone is comfortable buying a saddle without trying it out on their own horse first. Even though we have an AWESOME 10 day return policy, we now also offer our customers the opportunity to hire one of our wonderful saddles before committing to purchase. Demo's are also available for purchase. The Demo Program works pretty much the same as our return policy. Please see pictures below for current models available in our Demo Program.

Terms of Trial:

1) A security deposit is taken via credit card, direct deposit or PayPal, in advance. See below for security deposit amounts, on each demo model. These funds will be held as security against the saddle until it is returned, with nil damage. Normal wear is expected.

2) You, the customer are responsible for the saddle until it is returned safely by REGISTERED POST. You are responsible for postage (and insurance costs return trip only) both ways. It is important that you assume full responsibility for the saddles condition & safe keeping during the trial period. Experience has shown that damage to saddles usually occurs when the hirer transports the saddle from place to place in their car. We ask that if you must transport the saddle, that you bubble wrap it and transport it in the box it came to you in.

3) The length of the trial is 7 DAYS FROM WHEN YOU RECEIVE THE SADDLE, INCLUSIVE OF ONE WEEKEND. If you require any additional time, this needs to be arranged in advance.

4) Delivery charges are dependent on location. We will deduct the postage and demo fee ($80) from your refund once the demo saddle has been returned as per conditions stipulated above. If you decide
to keep the demo then postage is free and naturally, there is no demo fee.

5) Saddles and any accessories, must be returned in the same condition as they were received: clean and hair free. If the saddle or accessories are returned with excessive wear and tear including scratches and dents to the leather or excessive marking on girth straps or flaps and/or stirrups, we will have to retain a portion of your security deposit to cover this damage. If the saddle and/or accessories are returned dirty, a cleaning fee of $25 will be deducted from your refund. NB. please do not wear dark denim jeans when riding in any of our demo saddles.

6) There is a demo hire fee of $80 per saddle, which will be retained from your refund once the saddle has been returned to us, clean and undamaged. IF YOU ORDER A NEW SADDLE, THE SADDLE DEMO FEE IS WAIVED completely. This fee includes our assistance with obtaining the right fit for you and your horse. This is carried out via email and phone with photos. Rest assured, we are here to help you.

7) Please print and complete the Demo Booking Form (Pink link below). If the saddle is out already, you will be placed next in line. Your security deposit will not be processed until the saddle is ready to be sent to you.

Alternatively, if you are able to bring your horse to Woodend for the trial, there is no security deposit required. Only a demo fee of $80 per horse, applies (refunded if an order is placed on the day). The fee covers Dianne's time and advice, should you decide not to order. Saddle demos take upwards of 2 hours in most cases.

DP Espera Saddle
DP El Campo Demo
DP Impuls Saddle

Seat size: S1 (16.5" - 17' English) seat size, Ultra Flex fully adjustable tree. Security Deposit: $4350

demo photo

DEMO SADDLE: DEUBER & PARTNER Startrekk Espaniola Saddle, Seat size: S2 (17"- 17.5") English, TREELESS with
Security Deposit: $2790

S&L Demo saddle

DEMO SADDLE: DEUBER & PARTNER Quantum Short & Light Saddle, Seat size: S1 (16.5"- 17") English seat size, Ultra Flex fully adjustable tree. Security Deposit: $4350

Double C Barrel Demo

DEMO SADDLE: DEUBER & PARTNER Double C Barrel Racing Saddle, Seat size: 15" Western, Deuflex Leather Tree with fixed wooden Pommel and Cantle. 6 & 3/4" Gullet. Wider gullets available when ordering a new saddle. Security Deposit: $3490

DP Espera Demo Saddle

DEMO SADDLE: DP Espera Baroque Classical Dressage Saddle,
S1 (16.5'-17"), Fully Adjustable Ultra Flex Tree
Security Deposit: $4390

The DP El Campo Shorty Saddle - S3

DEMO SADDLE: DP El Campo Shorty Saddle,
S3 (17.5'-18"), Fully Adjustable Ultra Flex Tree
Security Deposit: $4500